Pyramid Tea Bags

Imagine the taste and flavour of perfectly steeped Tea Total tea with the convenience of a tea bag. Deluxe pyramid tea bags are a new type of innovative brewing. Unlike conventional tea bags the pyramid shape allows full leaf teas the space to expand and brew perfectly, just as they would in a tea pot. Tea isn't hidden within bleached paper but available for inspection behind a shimmering gossamer filter which are biodegradable.  For more information about the material used to make our pyramid teabags please visit the following link: 

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Why pyramid tea bags?

  • Fresh loose leaf tea in a convenient form
  • Take your favourite tea out and about without needing a tea pot
  • Gives large leaf tea room to move and brew 
  • Won't squash or damage the leaves
  • Perfectly proportioned measurement to make up to 350ml of tea

Think of it is a portable single use tea infuser. You get all the flavours of a loose leaf tea, on the go.

Pyramid packaging options

  • Tins of 20
  • Refill bags of 20
  • Refill Bags of 50
  • Refill Bags of 100

Click here to watch a video about Pyramid teabags and to find out more.