White Tea with Gojiberry & Raspberry


Perfect for those who love subtle hints of luxury and beauty, a blend of premium white tea, goji berries, raspberries plus a hint of bergamot. This tea not only tastes incredible but looks beautiful with gorgeous rose petals and blue mallow, pomegranate and locust flowers.


Mild to medium


White tea, gojiberries, currants, curacao peels, sweet blackberry leaves, rose petals, locust flowers, pomegranate flowers, blue mallow flowers, raspberry pieces and mild bergamot flavour

To make: 

1 level teaspoon for 200ml cup.
Use water slightly cooler than boiling at 80 degrees Celcius (just add a splash of cold water)
Steep for 5 minutes then pour

One retail pouch will make: 

60g will make around 30 cups of tea