Rare Kenya Silver Tip


From the Kenyan plantations in Africa this is a most delicate tea - the uppermost bud carefully hand picked for brewing.  Outside of the traditional tea growing regions of the world Kenya is certainly a serious player vying for the palates of the general tea-drinking public more so than ever before.

Drinking this tea is pure indulgence and when brewed for 1.5 minutes at approximately 80 degrees celcius it well and truly comes into its own.

Rare Kenya Silver Tip is only available in 50g units in a tin because of the delicate nature of the leaves. 

CAUTION: Once tasted, you may not want to share this brew! You may just want to keep it all to yourself.

Extremely Delicate

White tea from Kenya

To make: 

Brew for 1.5 minutes at 80 degree celcius using good quality water. 

One retail pouch will make: 

50g will make around 30 cups of tea