Jade Green Sencha


This Japanese style sencha offers a light cup and big leaf with well balanced flavour.  Sourced from the premier gardens in Vietnam, this tea is guaranteed free from the effects of radiation that are a worrying concern around some Japanese tea gardens.  The taste is perfect for everyday green tea drinking, intensive and tangy but not overbearing.

Did you know that 80% of sencha style green tea in Vietnam is exported to Japan for mixing with Japanese sencha?  And that was before the tsunami and resulting radiation.




Green tea

To make: 

1 level teaspoon for 200ml cup.
Use water slightly cooler than boiling at 80 degrees Celcius (just add a splash of cold water)
Steep for 2-3 minutes then pour
Tea leaves can be re-infused several times.

One retail pouch will make: 

100 gram pouch makes around 65 cups of tea