Green Rooibos Vitality


Unlike our other rooibos offerings, Rooibos Vitality is made from green (unfermented) rooibos.  Much the same way as green tea is the unfermented version of black tea.  With a medly of leaves, fruits and flowers this tea tastes like a healthy fruit salad while providing a lift for the senses and digestive system.


Green rooibos, blackberry leaves, aniseed, fennel, raspberry leaves, strawberry leaves, rosehips, hazelnut leaves, flavour, peppermint, marigold flowers, sunflowers, ribwort, rose petals, apple pieces, danewort berries and lemon balm

To make: 

1 teaspoon for 200ml cup
Add freshly boiled water
Steep for 3-5 minutes then pour