Unlike other Oolong teas, our GABA Oolong has been specifically processed to increase the available amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) - an amino acid that occurs naturally in the human body.

Low levels of GABA are found in all black and semi fermented teas however the label of GABA Oolong is only permissable if the tea contains 150mg of GABA per 100g of tea.

Processing occurs anerobically (without the presence of oxygen) by fermenting in a nitrogen chamber.

GABA Oolong is considered a great choice of tea for those seeking to decrease anxiety, improve mood and aid sleep.


Delicate weak to medium with lovely hints of sweetness


Taiwanese Oolong tea

To make: 

1 teaspoon for 200ml cup
Do not add boiling water, water should be 90 degrees
Steep for 5 minutes then pour
Continue to top up your pot or cup until you no longer taste the tea

One retail pouch will make: 

Around 25 cups of tea