Cast Iron Teapots

For centuries the Japanese have used cast iron teapots made in the Tetsubin style to impart the health advantages of tea drinking twith the additional benefits of cast iron ware.  

A cast iron teapot is more than a great table decoration as it's extremely practical.  With superior heat distribution properties cast iron will keep tea hotter for longer.  The spout and handle placement are designed to enable drip-free ease of pouring.  A raised lip inside the lid prevents the slid slipping when pouring your tea.

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Tetsubin teapots make both practical and thoughtful gifts.  Suitable for men and women, you can select the perfect teapot for any occasion from our range of styles and colours.

Care and use tips:
Our teapots are strong and durable requiring little in the way of care and maintenance.
After warming the pot with a little boiling water, hot tea can be made and served.
Alternatively the teapot itself can be chilled for serving iced teas, filling the infuser with ice cubes.
Cast iron teapots are not suitable for stove top use.