I love my kettle. Keeps tea nice and hot. It has rounded edges so you can run with in with confidence. Except the spout bit. That is very unsafe.
-Mike 15.10.19. South Auckland
I first tried the Japanese Lime tea at Café 777 and then again at Ormiston Café. I fell in love with this Tea straight away. I am so happy I have found you guys to purchase my tea from !!
-Linda Leavasa 24.09.19. Auckland
This tea is so fragrant. The bergamot really packs a punch. It's the best rooibos Earl Grey I've found in New Zealand!
-Amanda 30.07.19. Palmerston North
After repeatedly loving this tea in cafes all over the South Island, I finally figured out who makes it! It’s the best fruit tea I’ve ever had. Has real pieces of dried fruits in it that you can eat straight out of the bag. Brews to a beautiful pink color. Tastes of berries and peaches. Only problem is if you buy the bag of loose pieces instead of the pyramids, then you get a very inconsistently flavored and colored cup because you don’t always get the right pieces or ratio of them in each scoop. Some cups didn’t even turn pink because the scoop must have been missing whichever piece gives it that color.
-Danielle 27.07.19. Queenstown
My husband will drink nothing else. Loves the Blue Star. Becoming a favourite of mine now also
-Anita Lloyd 18.07.19. Dunedin
This is my absolute favourite :-)
-Fiona 25.06.19. Christchurch
This is the first tea total tea I have tried and I absolutely loved it. It has a depth of flavour that is well balanced and warming.
-Robyn 22.06.19. Auckland
If you like fruit or earl grey tea this is a delicious healthy alternative combining all these favours together.
-Indira 19.06.19. LOCATION
Lovely flavour. I'm not a tea drinker, but this has a wonderful fruity flavour, nice to drink cold, very refreshing.
-Desley Rekke 01.06.19. Carterton
Nice mug, very handy with the built in infuser, I use this every time for my tea's now. The only problem I have with it which no one else seems to mention is "How do you remove the lid after it's been sitting brewing for 5 minutes or so as it's extremely hot" The only way you can do it is to have a towel/cloth handy to grab it with. Fear not I have found a solution. Using a silicon egg ring which I purchased from Mighty Ape previously, I cut off the little handles and it fits very snugly around the edge of the lid perfectly as if it was made for it, no more problems grabbing the lid now.
-Larrykin 26.05.19. Auckland