My favourite afternoon cup of tea. I started with a sample bag, moved onto a 100g Tin - and have now purchased a 500g Bag. Possibly I'm addicted to this delicious tea.
-Donna Penney 18.04.19. Kerikeri
This tea is a delicious if you like citrus. It's sweet and orangey without being spicy. It makes a lovely hot cup and an equally great iced tea
-David 17.03.19. Wellington
This peach and rose tea is absolutely delicious. Would recommend as an after dinner hot drink.
-Che Soffe 15.03.19. Waitara
Totally hooked from the first cup
-Linda 10.02.19. Taradale
A delightful tasting smoky tea similar to the "billy tea" we used to drink as children.
-Celia REED 07.02.19. Katikati
Just had my 1st cup of tea and oh my it was so amazing!!! probably gonna have another cup of tea in an hour and the hour after that taste like vanilla custard and banana Yum Yum Yum :)
-Charlotte 10.01.19. Tauranga
The description for this tea is spot on. The fact that it is organic is an added bonus for me. I have finally found my perfect breakfast tea. There are so many out there and I am over the tiny little tea bits that you get from supermarket teas “floating”. Lots of breakfast teas have spice and things going on. I don’t want that. What I want is this. It is the perfect brew.
-Jools 09.12.18. Gisborne
First let me just say..THANK YOU for making this tea. I have not had a spicy chi type of tea this good in a long long time. The tea is rich in flavour with a hint of orange. I can really taste the star anise and cardamom. The spices blend beautifully to create a spicy, but not too spicy, brew. This tea leaves a chi like taste in your mouth that is warm and yummy. Great with milk or without. A bonus is the wonderful aroma that the tea gives off while it is seeping. Just a lovely cup of tea. A must try if you like chi or spicy types of teas. So glad I took a chance on this one.
-Trina 02.11.18. Napier
This is amazing! I just kept sticking my nose into the pouch to sniff it the first few days... Seriously good! Bought a 100g bag to try it out, and gosh it disappeared FAST. Back for more and pleasantly surprised to see it available in pyramids.
-Sarah 25.10.18. Tauranga
Really lovely and satisfying this tea. I am quite a fan of black teas and this certainly fits the prescription of a good bright entry to the day
-Wendi 11.09.18. Wellington