This tea is delicious!
-Georgina 09.06.18. Auckland
This tea is fragrant when poured has a good orange colour and a good flavour. I really like it. Black tea how it should be. (I take mine with milk).
-Jools 24.05.18. Gizzy
It's very flavourful, not weak or watery. And as others said, light and refreshing. We love it.
-Jessica 23.05.18. Kapiti Coast
Very lovely tea from taste to smell. Would highly recommend this tea.
-Jo 20.05.18. Dannevirke
I love this tea! Really flavourful, not too perfumed, and a beautiful deep red colour when brewed. Great rich berry flavour and then slight kiwi flavour at the end. Will be ordering more of this flavour!
-Zoe Balfour 11.05.18. Auckland
Medium leaved, strong and pleasantly fragrant tea where the Irish wand captures the magic from three countries
-Rhys 03.05.18. Mapua
A large leaf tea with exquisite flavours. Slightly sweet on the tongue, the taste has a lingering quality superior to most.
-Rhys 03.05.18. Mapua
Way nicer than I expected because I’m not a strong tea fan. I didn’t find it too strong at all and loved the hint of kawakawa and horopito. Yum.
-Linda 28.04.18. Auckland
Superb moderately strong tea with complex flavours that are sustained even if left to cool.Soft and mellow with a subtle malty flavour noticeable on the nose when steeping.
-Rhys 20.04.18. Mapua
I was sent a pyramid of this tea as a little gift from a clothing designer. I love tea so couldn't wait to try it. Wow. By far the best tea I have tasted in ages. I had stopped using tea bags ages ago and have been using loose leaf. Was amazed at the taste from this little pyramid. Found out which tea it was and ordered a tin. Love it. Robust, refreshing, perfect in colour and gave me that "ooh" you only get from a perfect brew.
-Jools 20.04.18. Gizzy