I LOVE this one. It's pretty, and is a light pink colour when brewed. It's very fresh, slightly sweet and smells lovely.
-Antonia 15.09.21. Christchurch
Very smooth flavour with a coffee aroma and smell but no bitter bite. I tried a sample pack, and will be ordering a bigger bag for pick me up drinks. I can't taste the chocolate at all.
-Antonia 15.09.21. Christchurch
I ordered a sample size and it was so good that I ended up ordering a full size almost immediately. It is amazing!
-Rebecca 08.09.21. Dunedin
My go-to everyday tea at the moment. A lovely earl grey - love the vanilla and rose
-Kate 31.08.21. Wellington
Completely hooked on this, my first oolong and I am loving the flavours. Just got a couple more bags :)
-Reuben Ward 26.08.21. Dunedin
I brought this at the Food Show and now cannot be without it. SO good - if you love a proper cup of tea. This is will really wake you up in the morning!
-Chris 24.08.21. Auckland
Is a subtle flavour and has a lot of the key ingredients that T2's "The Glowgetter" or "Beauty Queen" have at half the price. Nettle, Rosehip, Lemonbalm, Peppermint, Licorice....
-Antonia 23.08.21. Christchurch
This tea defines great tea, it smells and tastes so good.
-Andrew 22.08.21. Waiheke
It smells divine, but unlike a lot of fruit teas, it also packs a punch in taste. It has a fresh pear flavour, but is also sweet. And nutritional values is only 3 calories per 100g of tea, with no added sugar. This is hands down my favourite tea ever. And I've tried a lot of tea from Tea Total, T2 and Teasme. I've gone through one bag and ordered 2 more.
-Antonia 19.08.21. Christchurch
At first I thought this was the knock off of the famous Harney & Sons's Paris tea - but this one's even better, with rose petals and cornflower mixed in. The most creative and perfect Earl Grey blend, even better with milk and sugar.
-Luca 10.08.21. Albany