Just love this chai tea. I purchased it over the Winter and am still drinking it now it is warmer. The flavours are superb and create a lovely warming sensation when drunk. I will still plan to enjoy drinking this through the summer as well.
-Gail 06.11.19. Auckland
I love this tea. The balances of all the flavours are perfect. It is very pleasant hot and cold. I am hoping to enjoy it cold more with the hot weather we have been experiencing.
-Gail 06.11.19. Auckland
I love this tea. Having forgotten to replenish my tea total time for awhile a little search online made me realize how much I miss my mango star moments. Some of the best sips I have ever had! Highly recommended.
-Suzanne 04.11.19. Tauranga
My favourite strong black tea. I love the flavour,and will always choose this blend, as well as a different one to try.
-Richard 24.10.19. Blenheim
My favourite strong tea. I don't take milk or sugar.I love the flavour,and will always get this one, as well as a different one to try.
-Richard 24.10.19. Blenheim
Out of stock. When will it be available please? M Marcus, New stock has arrived and will be on the shelves shortly
-Marcus 19.10.19. Pukekohe
I love my kettle. Keeps tea nice and hot. It has rounded edges so you can run with in with confidence. Except the spout bit. That is very unsafe.
-Mike 15.10.19. South Auckland
I first tried the Japanese Lime tea at Café 777 and then again at Ormiston Café. I fell in love with this Tea straight away. I am so happy I have found you guys to purchase my tea from !!
-Linda Leavasa 24.09.19. Auckland
This tea is so fragrant. The bergamot really packs a punch. It's the best rooibos Earl Grey I've found in New Zealand!
-Amanda 30.07.19. Palmerston North
After repeatedly loving this tea in cafes all over the South Island, I finally figured out who makes it! It’s the best fruit tea I’ve ever had. Has real pieces of dried fruits in it that you can eat straight out of the bag. Brews to a beautiful pink color. Tastes of berries and peaches. Only problem is if you buy the bag of loose pieces instead of the pyramids, then you get a very inconsistently flavored and colored cup because you don’t always get the right pieces or ratio of them in each scoop. Some cups didn’t even turn pink because the scoop must have been missing whichever piece gives it that color.
-Danielle 27.07.19. Queenstown