Gifting made easy

To get you/the recipient a gift voucher just send an email to with the following information below or just click here to get going:

  • Name of the recipient:
  • Address of recipient:
  • Message to be written on gift voucher:
  • Denomination of gift voucher ($20 - $60):
  • Credit Card Details: 
    • Card Type (Visa/Mastercard):
    • Card Number:
    • Expiry Details:
    • Name on Front of Card:
  • Email Address:
  • Contact Numbers:
    • Mobile:
    • Landline:
  • Other pertinent information:

What the gift voucher looks like


Front and Back of TEA TOTAL Gift Voucher


We do not have the Gift Voucher as an item to purchase on our website's ecommerce platform as this would incur a freight charge - and we don't want that!