Gifting made easy

To get you/the recipient a gift voucher just send an email to with the following information below or just click here to get going:

  • Name of the recipient:
  • Address of recipient:
  • Message to be written on gift voucher:
  • Denomination of gift voucher ($20 - $60):
  • Credit Card Details: 
    • Card Type (Visa/Mastercard):
    • Card Number:
    • Expiry Details:
    • Name on Front of Card:
  • Email Address:
  • Contact Numbers:
    • Mobile:
    • Landline:
  • Other pertinent information:

What the gift voucher looks like


We do not have the Gift Voucher as an item to purchase on our website's ecommerce platform as this would incur a freight charge - and we don't want that!