There are a growing number of tea drinkers who love their tea and sometimes never leave home without it - ever. Their tea is there for them when they are happy, not so happy and all the times in between.  

They secretly sneer at others who do not enjoy or prepare tea the way they do but deep down know that so long as tea is drunk no matter how it is prepared, served or enjoyed the world is just for a moment a better place.

These tea drinkers believe tea is for everyone.  And so do we.

If you believe you are this type of tea drinker, we would like to invite you to apply to be part of our Brand Ambassador programme for 2019.

Tea Total Brand Ambassador Benefits

  • Official Tea Total 2019 Brand Ambassador Status
  • Free glass teapot - 700ml Sama Designer Range
  • 20% discount for 2019 when purchasing online
  • 6 free loose leaf tea samples sent to you every month

Brand Ambassador Requirements

Enjoy your tea and share your experience with others in the way you already do.  


Obviously sharing images, videos and #hashtags on your preferred social media platform too ;)  Please remember to tag us when you do.

How to apply

Find us online [FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM] or click on the yellow link below and tell us why you want to be a Tea Total Brand Ambassador and how you would share your tea experiences with others.

Feel free to get creative with video, photos or any other medium that takes your fancy.  

The Fine Print

As a Tea Total Brand Ambassador for 2019, this in no way implies that you are an employee of TEA TOTAL LTD in any way shape or form.  By applying you agree to these t's & c's.

Applications close on Sunday 24th of February 2019 at midnight.