Welcome to Tea Total, a family owned Kiwi business "devo- tea-ed" to crafting only the highest quality, ethically sourced premium teas and lovingly bringing it to New Zealanders for over 25 years. 

Tea is made to be shared and we’re here to share the joy that comes with every cup, while having fun along the way.

Our creativity begins with experimenting and exploring new tea blends specifically for the New Zealand tea market. Listening to customers and watching market trends has been at the heart of Tea Total ever since its inception. We are committed to bringing you exceptional new and exciting teas to arouse your senses.

All of our 151 teas are lovingly hand packaged in our very own warehouse on Auckland's North Shore by our awesome team at Tea Total.  

Come and discover the indulgent, luxurious, playful and unique world of tea with us. 

Our commitment is to bring you only the highest quality premium tea to enjoy as an everyday luxury.