Tea points are our way of thanking you and rewarding you for your repeat business, here's how they work

How do I earn points?

For every $20 you spend on our website you will earn 1 point.  This is only applied to every whole $20 so if for example you buy tea that does not reach $20 in value you will not earn any points.  If you spend $30 on tea you will receive 1 points, not 1.5

When will my teapoints show on my account?

Tea points will show in your account after we have processed and finalised your order.

Can I earn points on all Tea Total products?


What is a point worth?

Each point is worth $1

When can I use my points?

After you have accrued 10 points you can spend them as you wish.  Either on your next or any subsequent purchases.  You can use some or all of them at a time.

What can I use my points for?

You can use points to purchase any Tea Total product including tea, teapots, pyramids or gift items. 

How do I use my points?

At time of checkout you have the option of paying by points. You may use some or all of your points as you wish.

Is there an expiry date?

Yes, points earned will expire after 12 months

Can I earn or use my points at any of your outlets?

No, tea points are only earned by shopping on our website and can only be redeemed through our website

Can I use points in conjunction with other specials?

This will depend on what type of special we're running, sometimes yes, sometimes no.  We'll let you know.