Vintage Bella Ronde 1.2L

Was $147 now $95!

Designed in Germany. Made in the Netherlands.

The Vintage Bella Ronde is a modern, elegant teapot from the Bredemeijer Design Collection in the Netherlands.

Made from high quality stainless steel the Bella Ronde has an insulating double wall which helps to keep the tea warm for up to an hour.  The specially shaped spout ensure drip-free pouring while the insulating material used for handle and grip sees to it that those parts never get more than lukewarm

  • 1.2 litre size resulting in a 5 to 6 cup capacity
  • Infusers are sold separately and can be purchased here.

NOTE: The colour of each teapots does change depending on the light in the space surrounding them.  Quite a neat feature.