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The Little Tin Of Tea Samples

Whether you are looking to treat yourself or someone you care about or you are just wanting to explore the vast world of tea, the Bespoke Little Tin Of Tea Samples is just the option for you.  

For just $17.50 you get a TEA TOTAL Tea Caddy and 6 loose leaf tea samples of your choice.

Go on.  What are you waiting for?




Starting from just $10 we have got you covered when it comes to gifting all year round. 

Below are some ideas we have put together - choose one, two or all items or somewhere in between.  We believe we have something for everyone covering all requirements... as far as tea is concerned!


The PERFECT CUP OF TEA spoon $9.95  BREAKFAST TEA in a tin starting at only $17 each.  Select from several varieties.

A pyramid of luxury PYRAMID tea bags.  Each tin contains 20 silken pyramid bags measured to make a large mug or small pot of tea.  $19.90 each


GREEN TEA SELECTION for the green tea drinker in your life choose either bags or tins starting at $12.50 for bag or upwards from $17.00 for tin.

What about gifting an experience: A Tea Tasting? For just $30 you can book a seat at the tasting table and in just 1 hour and 30 minutes learn so much more about tea.

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Nothing says Christmas like CHRISTMAS TEA.  Buy them individually or as a set, in tins or boxes.  Three varities of base tea, black, rooibos and green with the same flavour profile. 

Feel like being selfish?  Of course you do!  Why not try our Sama Doyo 'TEA FOR ONE' mugs?

These awesome mugs come in 350ml or 500ml options and will be the envy of your friends and work colleagues

Starting at only $25, this is a bargain.

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SATURN - Just like something out of the 70's this Jetsonian design double walled teapot from Bredemeijer is as much a statement piece as it is functional.

The spout is also dribble-free.

The question is: Who would not want a teapot co-designed by German designer Tassilo von Grolman?

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In white, red and black these LUND handmade ceramic teapots will elevate any tea time.  

If size is a concern, the teapots come in 0.5L, 1L and 1.5L units and they have matching mugs should you want to complete the look.

Starting from $46.50 get your own LUND by clicking here.