A light colour and subtle initial taste prelude an unexpected depth of flavour. A triumphant morning hymn to start the day. Five stars.
-Drew Carrick-Anderson 01.12.17. Auckland
Very soft flavour, with vanilla not overpowering and the chocolate give a reminder of coffee. Found it very good in the morning.
-Jane Simons 11.11.17. Waitangi Bay
Had some in Izakaya Yatsi, Palmy North. Gorgeous.
-David 10.11.17. New Plymouth
-Aaron 25.10.17. Northcote
Absolutely fantastic tea! Thank you for adding this to your range!
-Bronwyne 25.10.17. Birkdale
I'd had the Earl Grey Special and wanted a change, this was recommended and it is outstanding! The pear is a superb addition, and i can see this much not lasting a long time, this is an easy drinking very enjoyable any time tea
-Philip 15.10.17. Albany
This is a wonderful chai. Everyone makes their own version of chai, and I would expect the same goes in India. I stopped making my own when I first tasted this one a couple of years ago. I am still buying and drinking it today. The whole family loves it.
-Adrienne 2017 tea ambassador 26.09.17. Dunedin
One of my favourite teas. Fantastic vanilla flavour.
-Simonne 15.09.17. Auckland
I bought the 500mL mug two years ago and use it nearly every day. A truly brilliant concept for making loose leaf tea without the need for a separate teapot and mug.
-Simonne 15.09.17. Auckland
Made kombucha with this tea, absolutely beautifull!
-Petra hermens 09.09.17. Motueka