I got this tea from a european grocerey store for 3 dollars and didnt regret it..Mixture of black tea, green tea and grapes it smells amazing. The smell of sweet grapes overpowers the black and green tea, but works with it nicely. When it comes to flavor though, the black and green tea takes up most of it and leaves only reminicent tones of grape. I'm more of a sweet person myself, so I would put sugar or honey in it to regain some of its sweet qualities. I would have given it a four for that reason, but instead I encourage others to try this tea for themselves and opted to give it a five.
-Ruby 04.02.18. LOCATION
My favourite. Light, mild fruity taste, with a lovely smell. Two happinesses.
-K 08.01.18. Auckland
The tea is not too bad, though hard to taste the "Christmas". Maybe a bit of Cinnamon coming through. Given that these teas try to offer something better than the supermarket teas - I can get similar stuff off the shelf. Drinkable, but nothing special.
-Heiko 06.01.18. Canterbury
Actually - I first had a sample of this tea which tasted amazing - sweet and fruity - felt like having ripe berries. However - I bought some months later a large pack and got something with much more dried apple pieces (and not sure the apple have been ripe when processed) and less berry flavor. The tea tastes more sour than sweet. Still not a bad tea, but expect some variations in the quality.
-Heiko 06.01.18. Canterbury
Light and fruity green tea. Refreshing and quite nice whether consumed hot as well as cold.
-Heiko 06.01.18. Canterbury
This tea is THE must have tea ! helps clear your sinuses when you are sick its a miracle really :)
-Mary-Anne 05.01.18. Auckland
I ordered a sample and wanted to make it last, so I mixed up a litre (I drink a lot of tea) with a couple of teaspoons of Ceylon Orange Pekoe 'Pettiagalla'. Very fragrant tea, with more taste than most 'fruit' teas, which are usually all smell and no taste. The mix worked for me (I don't take milk in any tea), and I will be ordering more.
-John 04.01.18. Auckland
Just ordering this tea again which reminded me to write a review. Rangiototo Smooth has become one of our favourite teas as it is indeed very smooth with no bitterness but plenty of flavour. Also, because of the name I feel like I am drinking local tea!
-Adrienne 20.12.17. Dunedin
A light colour and subtle initial taste prelude an unexpected depth of flavour. A triumphant morning hymn to start the day. Five stars.
-Drew Carrick-Anderson 01.12.17. Auckland
Very soft flavour, with vanilla not overpowering and the chocolate give a reminder of coffee. Found it very good in the morning.
-Jane Simons 11.11.17. Waitangi Bay